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Water N

Real-time water quality and temperature measurement, water filtering, and UV sterilization - all in one!

Water N measures the water quality and temperature in real time anywhere in your home. The built-in filtering and UV sterilization features also give you a much cleaner and safer water. 

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Lets you measure the water quality and temperature anywhere in your house

Features Bluetooth connectivity, which lets you read the water quality and temperature remotely on the Water N application.

Turning on any faucet will trigger our device to automatically sterilize and filter the water so you can always feel assured that you’ll only have clean and safe water. Check the water temperature in real time, and adjust the water temperature to what you’d like.

We give you peace of mind for baby and pet baths too - gone are any worries that poor water quality may be affecting your precious loved ones. 

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Exact ppm levels are displayed on the Water N application.

Accurately measured water quality and temperature in real time is displayed on an easy-view LCD.

The water quality is displayed as "Very Good," "Good," "Fair," "Poor," and "Bad."

You can check the precise ppm level through the Water N application.

What is ppm?

ppm represents water quality by showing the amount of solid matter dissolved in water. The ppm level increases if the mass of a chemical or contaminate in the water increases.


Adjust the water temperature to your comfort level

It makes bath time more comfortable and pleasant for you, your child, or pet as you can immediately set and see the water temperature.

Does your child complain about the water being too hot or cold?

With Water N, you can easily adjust the water temperature to your child’s liking - no more manual temperature gauging.


You can monitor water quality and temperature in real time anywhere in your house.

With embedded Bluetooth function, the water quality and temperature can be checked remotely in the Water N application. The data is automatically saved in the Water N app.

The app provides a history of water quality and temperature.
It lets you see the changes in water quality as well as the ideal filter replacement cycle for your home.

We provide a personalized IoT solution service by providing information that the user needs through the Water N app.


Economical and practical - a long life span of 7 years, or 5,000 hours

Thanks to Water N's self-charging technique, you don’t have to worry about charging or replacing batteries. It lasts up to 5,000 hours, which is about seven years.


Rotatable design for horizontal and vertical views

If you turn the Water N display by 90 degrees, the display automatically adjusts itself accordingly. You can tilt the display up and down to get the best view of the LCD display at any angle.


Product Specifications

- Product Name: Water N

- Model Name: SQ-1 mini
- Product Dimensions: 92 × 93 × 32 mm (W × L × H)
- Materials: Casing: ABS, ECOZEN, silicon, stainless steel
- Product Weight: 162g
- Temperature Measuring Range: 0–60°C 
- Temperature Measuring Unit: 0.1℃
- Temperature Tolerance: ±1% (Within ±0.5°C)
- Water Quality Measuring Range: 0–2,000 ppm 
- Water Quality Tolerance: ±5% 
- Nut Specifications: 0.5"
- Manufacturer/Distributor: SMT Co., Ltd.
- Manufacturing Country: Republic of Korea

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