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Shower Filter

Use Water N with a filter to enjoy cleaner water

The  Water N Shower Filter is a large, thick shower filter that blocks green water, harmful substances, chlorine residues, etc.

PP cotton filter: It uses PP cotton filters used in water purifiers. Rust water, rust, dust, etc. It filters out impurities.

ACF Filter : The residual chlorine of tap water is removed by strong adsorption of the activated carbon fiber (ACF) filter.

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Use it with a filter to enjoy cleaner water

This is a shower filter that can be used with Water N. Please protect the skin of precious children and pets from harmful substances and rust from tap water.


Uses a PP cotton filter

 Water N applied PP cotton filters that are normally used for water purifiers.


Removal of fine particles 

It filters out various harmful materials including rust, sand, dirt, and rusty scraps.


Chlorine removal

It adsorbs residual chlorine in water with a filter made of activated carbon fiber.


Internationally certified filter

Water N uses filters certified by international bodies including NSF and RoHS.


Product Specifications

- Product Name: Water N shower filter

- Product Dimensions: 45 × 55mm (W × H)

- Materials: PP cotton filter, ACF filter

- Manufacturer/Distributor: SMT Co., Ltd.

- Manufacturing Country: Republic of Korea

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