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Filter Case

We always keep safety in mind even for little things like the filter case material.

Putting safety as our top priority, we used ECOZEN--which does not produce harmful substances in high heat-- instead of using the cheaper BPA and PC.

The Water N shower filter case was designed after constant research to create a filter case that anyone from children to adults can use with any concern.

The filter case has silicone-packing, so water does not leak. Don't worry about leaks and enjoy shower.

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Anyone can use it with confidence.

It is a shower filter case made of eco-friendly materials that can be used safely at high temperatures. Please use a safe shower filter case for my family.


ECOZEN, made of natural materials, BPA/phthalate free

ECOZEN is an eco-friendly material that is widely used in baby milk bottles and medical packaging and has attributes such as excellent heat, chemical and stain resistance.

Water N filter case is made of ECOZEN, so anyone can use it safely.


Transparent shower filter case

We made the case as a transparent one so that users can check the condition of a filter at a glance.


You can use Water N without worrying about water leakage.

The filter case has silicon packing to prevent water leakage.


Product Specifications

- Product Name: Water N filter case

- Product Dimensions: 60 × 85mm (W × H)

- Materials: ECOZEN,  silicon

- Manufacturer/Distributor: SMT Co., Ltd.

- Manufacturing Country: Republic of Korea

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